Every decision your health care team makes with you is made with the end goal of preparing you to leave the hospital ready and able to handle the next steps of recovery. Whether you’re going straight home or to a rehabilitation facility, we’ll make sure your transition goes smoothly, helping you can focus on what really matters: getting well.

Your Case Manager: Your Partner in Care

Upon your arrival at SVMC you will be assigned a Case Manager—a specially trained nurse. It’s their job to make plans for your discharge, and help you understand and prepare for what’s involved.

Discharge Day

Your doctor will determine when you are ready to go home and will provide you with written authorization of discharge. At that time, your doctor, nurse, or Case Manager will review any instructions for follow-up care with you and provide you with a copy of these instructions. 

Your instructions may include information about:

  • Medications
  • The use of equipment
  • Pain management
  • Return to normal activities
  • Lifestyle changes
  • Dietary concerns
  • Follow-up appointments
  • Available support services
  • Safety concerns, including when to call the doctor

If you don’t understand the instructions, be sure to ask your nurse about them.

Your Case Manager will help you understand what services will be paid for by your insurance plan and what services you may be responsible for. If you are worried about the costs, your Case Manager can help you explore your treatment options that may minimize costs without affecting the quality of care. For instance, your Case Manager may have the doctor and pharmacist review your medications to determine if there are less expensive alternatives. 

Depending upon your condition or procedure, you may need a friend or loved one to drive you. If you need help getting home, simply let your Case Manager or a nurse know.

If you have questions or concerns about your discharge, please call extension 4015 from your hospital phone to speak with our Clinical Coordinator.

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