Accessing Your COVID Test Results
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Accessing Your COVID Test Results

Southwestern Vermont Health Care strives to get you your COVID test results as quickly and easily as possible. Most people receive results within 24 - 36 hours. Here are the many ways you can access your results and share them with others.

By Text
When you register for your test, you will be provided with an opportunity to give a cellphone number, where you can receive your results by text. This is an incredibly convenient way to receive your results, and SVHC is the only health system we know of providing results this way. It’s also the fastest way to get results, as the text is sent automatically as soon as your specimen comes off of the analyzer. 

Just in case you gave us the wrong number, we don’t include a lot of personal information in the text message, only your initials and birth year. While this is plenty enough for some organizations looking for a verification of your test results, it is not enough for all. Read on for information about providing results to others.

Directly to a School
If you anticipate needing to provide a copy of COVID test results to a school, spell out the entire school name in the “copy to school” field on the registration form. We will automatically send your results to the school you name.

Download and Print or Forward Results
If you need to present results to an organization for the purposes of returning to work or school or traveling, your text message now features a link to download your results report. The link will work for 7 days after results become available. When you click the link, you will be directed to a page that requests your date of birth and last name. You agree to take responsibility for your private information and are given access to download. From there, you can view, forward, or print the report directly from your phone.

Results Website
A new site allows you to get your results and provide documentation to others without needing to provide your cell phone number or register with a password. It’s easy. Visit and provide your name, zip code, and other information.

Access the Site Easily on Your Phone
To access the new site easily on your phone, text “get my results” to 855-227-8255. A link to the site will be sent automatically to your phone. In a few easy steps, we verify your identity and send you your results in a format that can be printed, saved, or shared.  Please remember that this is your personal health information, so be sure you only share it with those who need to know.

The Hospital Portal
If you prefer not to use the other options, you can visit the
Hospital Patient Portal. Use the links provided to sign up for an account or access forgotten login details. From there, you will be able to print a report.

Medical Records
If you have difficulty accessing the portal, call the Southwestern Vermont Medical Records Department at 802-447-5323. They will provide your results. You can fix your portal access at a later date by calling 802-440-6000, option 1.

Note that the result reports that you receive from each of these methods are identical.

Gail Balch, RN, is the director of Information Systems and Clinical Informatics at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center in Bennington.


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