Top 5 Reasons to Take Classes for Expectant Parents
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Top 5 Reasons to Take Classes for Expectant Parents

Even if You Already Have

When you think of the classes that are meant to help expectant parents get ready for birthing and caring for their baby, you might think, “If you have seen one, you’ve seen them all.” But, if you’re pregnant or expecting a new baby, there are lots of good reasons to take these classes at SVMC, even if you’ve taken them before, either with us or somewhere else.

Reason #5: There’s no such thing as over preparation. Just as our Olympic athletes attend many practices and compete in many matches both before and after their Olympic appearances, expectant parents should continue learning all they can in preparation for their new baby, even if they have already had one or more children. Attending classes is a signal that you are gearing up for this important experience. With the right frame of mind, you are likely to come away with new insights and be more confident. 

Reason #4: Not all childbirth classes are the same. Our classes for expectant parents—including Childbirth Education, Hospital to Home, and Breastfeeding for New Parents—are packed with useful information. The instructors will tell you that, while they attempt to cover all the basic information for everyone, each class is uniquely tailored to what the students know and what questions they ask. They address the many different ways people become parents. It’s about a lot more than how to breathe during labor! You will very likely learn something that makes a big difference in your upcoming journey to parenthood.

Reason #3: Things change. It’s remarkable how much expert recommendations change over even short amounts of time. The advice you learned for your first child—whether that’s how to position them for sleep or how long to keep them rear-facing in their car seat—may be different now than it was then. We are using the current research to update our curriculum all of the time. And the department is continually adding services, including new pain management options. It is helpful for parents to become familiar with all of the most up-to-date information.

Reason #2: Classes are a great value for the time and money. The classes SVMC offers don’t take long or cost a lot. Two of three are free! While the Childbirth Education class does cost a small fee to cover its innovative materials and extended format, you can request that it be reduced or waived, if needed. Each of the classes makes great use of parents’ precious time to offer the most and best information in a succinct way. 

Reason #1: Have all of the information you need for a great birth and home-coming experience fresh in your mind. Our philosophy puts most of the control in patients’ hands. Having all of the evidence-based knowledge and possible options for your care fresh in your mind is empowering and can greatly improve your experience. After taking the classes, you’ll be more familiar with the staff, the environment at SVMC, and all of the support available to you. When faced with a decision, you will be able to respond with confidence.

For all of these reasons, SVMC’s classes for expectant parents are not just for the parents of first babies. They are for everyone who is expecting a new baby.

Jodi Henderson, RN-C, LCCE, is a nurse on the Women’s and Children’s Services Unit at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center. She is a Lamaze Certified Childbirth Educator and has recently expanded the Childbirth Education offerings at SVMC. 


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