teleMedicine Picks Up Speed
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teleMedicine Picks Up Speed

SVMC’s efforts to provide greater and more convenient access to specialists though teleMedicine are picking up speed. By cooperating with Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s Center for Connected Care and others, SVMC uses live, two-way, secure video and audio on large format, high-definition screen to get patients the care they need. See when our different TeleHealth services have come online and get quick info about each.




April 2015 | teleGenetics
Genetics Counseling Specialists see patients of the Southwestern Vermont Regional Cancer Center through secure telecommunications link.


April 2017 | teleStroke
A high-definition live two-way audio-video camera and a Wi-Fi-enabled monitor, mounted to a mobile cart, makes Dartmouth-Hitchcock neurologists available to patients in the Emergency Department or inpatient units who may be having a stroke. T


May 2017 | teleED

Dartmouth-Hitchcock’s emergency telespecialists are called upon when the SVMC Emergency Department is particularly busy. They also can perform documentation and transfers, which free on-site staff to attend to patients at the bedside.


July 2018  | teleICU

In partnership with Dartmouth-Hitchcock and Avera Health, a national leader in telemedicine services, SVMC launched TeleICU, an around-the-clock monitoring service for patients in the intensive care unit. The new capability will allow patients with certain conditions that would have required a transfer to larger medical centers to be treated locally.

August 2018 | telePharmacy

Dartmouth-Hitchcock pharmacists are now providing overnight coverage for SVMC’s pharmacy and are available to consult on complex cases. It will allow medical staff members at SVMC to order prescriptions and speak with a pharmacist overnight when the volume of prescription orders decrease to a level that makes it difficult to employ a pharmacist on site.


September 2018 | teleNeurology for Multiple Sclerosis

Patients who have multiple sclerosis can now have an initial consultation with Dr. Trey Smith at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and have follow-up visits via telemedicine in Bennington. Call 603-650-5104 to make a referral.


Spring 2019 | teleGestationalDiabetes, telePediatricCardiology, telePediatricUrology,

Through the convenience of an initial telemedicine visit and follow-up communication, Emily Proulx, MSN, APRN-CDE, WHNP-BC, a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner at Dartmouth-Hitchcock and a Certified Diabetes Educator, educates patients about the risks associated with diabetes during pregnancy and diabetes management throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Pediatric patients needing cardiology and urology care can now receive some of their care via telemedicine visits at SVMC Pediatrics.


Early Fall 2019  | telePsychiatry

Telemedicine will help provide a psychiatric consultation to inpatients who need psychiatric care while receiving other medical care at SVMC.


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