Balance Therapy

If you use a cane or a walker because you've have trouble balancing, if you've fallen or you worry about falling, our Balance Therapy program can help you get back to being steady on your feet.

Balance problems are common and treatable, and falls can be prevented. Falling is not a normal part of getting older. Usually a fall indicates a health problem or condition. Problems with balance and falling can be caused by a disease, a stroke, or vision problems. Or they can be caused by changes in strength, feeling, or simply the way you walk.

Symptoms of a Balance Problem
Balance problems can show up in many different ways. Some people feel disoriented, or have vertigo. Others are unable to walk without bumping into things or needing to hold onto something. Or sometimes people have fallen or tripped or notice they're being more cautious than before.

SVMC's Outpatient Therapy department has a specially trained therapists. They have doctorates in physical therapy and have studied treating balance problems. They work with your doctor to evaluate your balance problem. Then, the therapist develops a customized treatment program to help you stay on your feet. This program can include:

  • strength and flexibility training
  • balance exercises
  • education and help using a cane or walker
  • footwear education
  • instruction in fall risks
  • strategies for making your home fall-safe
  • medication review and communication with your doctor

If you walk with a cane or a walker or are afraid of falling. Call SVMC's Outpatient Therapy department. You can talk with one of our therapists to get more information about your problem before you see your doctor. Call us today, 802-447-5140.