Week of September 25th, 2016

Sunday, September 25th
Beefy Vegetable Peal Couscous
Healthy Entree Du Jour*
Assorted Deli and Grill Items

Monday, September 26th
Chicken Vegetable Soup
Garlic Mushroom Chicken* or Roast Pork Loin w/ Gravy
Roasted Local Acorn Squash or Mashed Potatoes
Buffalo Chicken Salad Sandwich

Tuesday, September 27th
Creamy Tomato and VT Cheddar
Grilled Herb Chicken* or VT Macaroni and Cheese
Spinach or Brown Rice Pilaf
Big Mac Quesadilla

Wednesday, September 28th
Chicken and White Bean Soup
Fiesta Tilapia* or Tempura Battered Chicken Tenders
Asparagus or Sweet Potato Wedges
Chicken Cordon Bleu Tender Wrap

Thursday, September 29th
Cream of Cauliflower
Vegetarian Stir-Fry* or Turkey Pot Pie
Green beans or Steamed Rice
Spicy Roast Beef Ciabatta

Friday, September 30th
Turkey Noodle
Broiled Sole* or Assorted Pizza Slices
Broccoli or Squash Risotto
Ham, Apple & Cheddar Panini

Saturday, October 1st
Vegetarian Minestrone
Healthy Entree Du Jour*
Assorted Deli and Grill Items

* Items qualify for the my great plate special
Local Farms used: Happenchance Farm, Mighty Foods Farm and Clear Brook
For an additional location for verbal format call ext. 5716.