Why We Give: The Wallaces

KM26300X200For nearly 30 years, Mark and Kristen Wallace have called Southern Vermont home. They raised their two kids here, ran two successful businesses, as well as faced one of life’s biggest challenges: cancer.

“Both Kristen and I are cancer survivors,” explains Mark. “And like most folks, when we got our individual diagnoses, we went for second opinions. In both cases we went to Dana Farber and shared the plan the providers at the Southwestern Vermont Regional Cancer Center suggested. And both times, they said, ‘We can’t offer you anything better than what you’ll receive at the Cancer Center. Go there.’ We followed that advice and are here today because of it.”

That experience, combined with other encounters at the hospital, inspired the Wallaces to include the Cancer Center in their estate planning.

“We think it’s important to pay it forward,” says Kristen. “Including the Cancer Center in our will is an easy way to ensure that quality care is available to families and individuals like us in the future when they need it.”