Why We Give: The Rogges

RoggesasSpotlightLong-time supporters of SVHC, Dr. Scott Rogge and his wife Allison see the benefits of giving every day.

“I see the direct result giving makes every day throughout the hospital,” says Dr. Rogge. “It really makes a difference. Because of it, we’re able to buy equipment, hire the right people, and improve our facilities. All of those things directly impact the quality of care we provide.”

For Allison, the benefits extend far beyond the hospital campus.

“We believe that a strong healthcare system is the backbone of a community,” she explains. “When people are choosing a place to live or retire, the quality of healthcare available is a very important factor. People want to know that their children can be treated safely or that their own needs will be met. By giving, we help ensure that the care is there for them, as well as for our own family.”

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