Why I Give: Fredricka Kimball

Kimball200X204Forty years ago Fredricka Kimball had been a hospital volunteer in the lab. She had always been interested in medicine. When she saw the good work the hospital was doing, she knew it was time to get involved again.

“When you talk to hospital staff or members of the community, you hear about the hospital’s successes. It’s wonderful,” Kimball says.

She began by volunteering as a member of the SVHC Foundation Board of Directors. When she learned about the benefits of making a planned gift, she did that too. She arranged a planned gift to the SVHC Foundation that continues to provide income to her for the rest of her life and also provided a significant tax advantage.

“You hear all the time about putting non-profits in your will, but there’s little indication of how beneficial it can be to the organization and to you. This is a way to make a lasting impact, to strengthen the community I live in, and improve the success of the organizations I care about.”

To learn more about the SVHC Foundation and how you can help, visit svhealthcare.org/support-us.