Jump Rope Challenge

Southwestern Vermont Health Care (SVHC) is challenging their staff and members of the community to take the Jump Rope Challenge. 

Step 1: Take a Video

Take a video of yourself jumping rope 50 times. Jumping in groups, in costumes, while counting in other languages, and generally showing off are all strongly encouraged.

Step 2: Challenge Friends

At the end of your video, name three friends you want to challenge to jump. 

Step 3: Post It!

Post it to your social media accounts using the #SVHCJumpRopeChallenge tag. Don't forget to tag your friends. They have 72 hours to post their videos. 

The History of the Jump Rope Challenge

May 2016

Mayfest20160528300WThe Jump Rope Challenge first kicked off at the 2016 Mayfest, an annual street festival held every Memorial Day in Bennington, VT. During that event, festival attendees were challenged to jump rope for 1 minute. Two hundred individuals jumped: young and old of all abilities, parents with their kids, expert jump ropers and those who had never jumped rope before. And people stopped to watch, smile, applaud, and cheer. 

Summer 2016

An additional 500 took the challenge at various events throughout the year. 

May 2017

SVHC set a goal to reach 100,000 jumps between the summers of 2017 and 2018, its 100th anniversary year. Two hundred and fifty people jumped at the 2017 Mayfest. 

Current Total

The Jump Rope Challenge has reached more than 20,000 jumps toward its 100,000-jump goal.