Forging a Chain of Better Health

PulmonarydDale MacDonald, a retired art teacher from Shaftsbury, trusted the nurse in his primary care office, Denise Hall at Bennington Family Practice. It was she who had pushed him to get an upper endoscopy that discovered a small, treatable cancer deep in his throat.

“She saved my life,” Dale says.

So when Denise recommended that he join the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Program at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center to treat his COPD, he listened. Dale joined the 8-week program in June 2015. Almost immediately, he found Denise was right again.

“It has been very helpful,” Dale says. “I have been able to get my body strength back.”

With the guided workouts and the breathing exercises from physical therapist Caitlyn Boyd, DPT, Dale finds that he is able to do more of the things that he enjoys. He is back to working in his yard, something he found difficult before the program. And the educational component and guest speakers provided the information he needed to improve.

Dale got so much out of Pulmonary Rehabilitation at SVMC that he recommended it to a friend, Orlyn George, from Pownal, VT, pictured with Dale, left. Now they work out together in the program’s ongoing maintenance sessions.

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