SVMC GI Gets New Technology and Staff

GIteamDec2016300x200bOver the past 10 months, SVMC’s Gastroenterology department has been dramatically transformed and updated in almost every way to provide better access to care, state of the art imaging and diagnostics, and greater patient safety and comfort.

Last year Drs. Ashley Maranino and Adnan Sohail joined the practice, staffing the department with two new full-time physicians. Stephanie Sauer, FNP, joined in January 2017.

As Dr. Maranino states, “With the expanded staffing, we’re now able to see significantly more patients. Our streamlined system allows us to schedule and see patients in a more timely manner — often the day after we receive their referral. Plus, we’re now able to accommodate patients who have a preference as to the gender of their provider.”

In addition to enhanced staffing, the department’s undergone some physical transformation. A half-million dollar construction effort provides better workflow and more efficient reprocessing of scopes. The addition of Automated Endoscopic Reprocessors elevates the level of disinfection and allows the department to exceed all standards related to infection control. A separate scope storage room is equipped with a HEPA-filtration system and hanging closets designed to store scopes in a vertical position.

On the diagnostic side, the acquisition of the latest generation scopes for two advanced procedures—EUS (endoscopic ultrasound) and ERCP (endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography)—has brought the hospital’s gastroenterology care to a level on par with many significantly larger facilities.

Dr. Sohail, who trained for an additional year on how to use the both the EUS and ERCP on top of his gastroenterology residency, explains the advantages of the technology.

“The EUS is particularly useful in the diagnosis of pancreatic biliary malignancy and obtaining tissue for diagnosis,” he says. “We can biopsy masses in the abdomen, pancreas, liver, stomach, and thoracic cavity.”

He adds, “The fact that we now have this technology here at SVMC is a huge advantage to our patients. They no longer have to travel or be transported to other facilities for care, and we have the results immediately. And because you’re staying in one system, the insurance process is easier, and there’s better follow-up.

“We’re a small hospital with big technology; we can be much more flexible in getting patients in and seen. If a referring physician wants to have a patient seen quickly, we are able to adjust our schedules and make that patient a priority.”