Quality, Safety and Value

At SVMC, we take patient safety seriously. Accredited by The Joint Commission, the Commission on Cancer,  and the ANCC Magnet Recognition Program, we seek to enhance the patient experience and ensure safety and quality every day. In addition, two of our team members are Certified Professionals in Healthcare Quality (CPHQ).

While it takes a lot of effort to maintain these accreditation and certifications, the effort is paying off.  Medicare’s Value Based Purchasing Program consistently ranks SVMC among the top hospitals in the country for patient satisfaction, quality, safety, and value. The most recent ranking gave us the highest score of any hospital in Northern New England and placed us in the top four percent of hospitals nationwide.  

Professionals from many different areas work together to keep patients safe from infections, falls and complications associated with healthcare.  We track our progress to ensure the safest experience possible for every patient.

For patients who have questions about care, SVMC offers the following resources:  

Speak Up

We encourage all of our patients to pay attention to the care you receive, learn all you can about your condition, tests and treatment plan, and participate in decisions about your care. If you have questions or concerns, speak up. Don’t make any assumptions about your care or condition. If you do not see a staff member washing his/her hands in your presence, please remind them to do so before they touch you. And if you can’t speak up, ask a friend or family member to do it for you.

Condition H

In addition to Speak Up, if you or a family member is not receiving the right care, you can initiate a Condition H alert.  It’s easy. Pick up the phone. Dial 0. Ask for the Condition H team. A small group will come to your bedside to make sure you are receiving the appropriate care.

Patient Advocate

If you are having difficulty understanding your care, our Patient Advocate is available to help you communicate with your health care team.  If you’ve got questions about your care that you don’t feel you can discuss with your nurse or physician, call (802) 440-4054. The patient advocate will offer all the time and attention you need to sort it out.

Contact Us

If you have an issue related to safety or quality that has gone unresolved with your physician or nursing staff, please feel free to call the Vice President of Operations/Chief Nursing Officer at (802) 447-5004 or the President and CEO at (802) 447-5236.  

Helpful Resources