Winter Fitness Inspiration from the Physical Therapists at SVMC
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Winter Fitness Inspiration from the Physical Therapists at SVMC

Nobody knows movement like the physical therapists at SVMC. Just like you, they are experiencing all of the same limitations to their normal workout routines brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. While you may not feel comfortable going to your normal fitness class or hitting the gym during busy hours, there is so much you can do to stay active and fit during the winter months. Here are some ideas from the experts!

Michael Fredette, DPT, CSCS
“I plan to continue to maintain an active lifestyle by walking our two dogs in the neighborhood,” says Mike. He knows that walking is a beneficial low-impact workout. It’s inexpensive and fun. When you go with your dogs, you get them the exercise they need. 

Jessica O’Brien, DPT
“This winter, I am planning on staying active by getting outdoors as much as possible,” says Jessica. “Whether it is snowshoeing, horseback riding, ice skating, or stacking firewood, the most important thing is to keep moving!” Jessica knows that variety makes workouts more interesting. Spice up your activity for the day with something new to keep it interesting. You can even count a chore—like shoveling snow by hand or stacking wood—as your activity for the day. Then you can check two items—exercise and your chore—off your list.

Kathy Sleeman, DPT
“To remain physically active this winter, my plan is to cross country ski,” says Kathy. “This activity can be done easily before or after work, as the equipment and clothing is quick to put on, and there are so many places to go close to home, even out in the back yard.”  The wisdom of Kathy’s plan is that it fits into her life and her schedule. She doesn’t need to travel big distances or find a big chunk of time. Her workout is easy to accomplish in the time she has. 

Katie Santandera, DPT
“I plan to snowshoe as much as possible,” says Katie. “It’s a great way to get outside, explore new trails, and relax!” Katie knows that the more benefits a workout offers, the easier it is to do. She’s not just getting a good workout. She is getting a workout, some fun, and a valuable stress release. How many benefits can you cram into your exercise routine?

Sarah Ludwig, ATC, DPT 
“During the winter, I usually get exercise playing and coaching basketball. Unfortunately, with COVID, this activity is restricted,” says Sarah. “Instead I'll be spending more time, safe and warm, in my home gym.” That’s right. Outdoor activities aren’t for everybody. You can improvise a home gym set up inexpensively using items you can make or already have. A gallon milk jug filled with water weighs just over 8 pounds. Flip on some music and use the stairs in your house for a cardio workout.  

Holly McKenzie, DPT
“I enjoy getting outside in the winter to walk in the fresh fallen snow or build snowmen with my son,” says Holly. By embracing the beauty and traditions of the season with her family, Holly can enjoy the benefits of movement while restoring her sense of calm and building important relationships.

So how do you plan to stay active this winter? Share with us by posting on Facebook or Instagram using #SVHC and #fitwinter.


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