Patient Story: The McKennas


Caring for Family Every Step of the Way

When Brian and Jennifer McKenna welcomed their daughter into their family, they were surrounded by a dedicated team of caregivers, but more importantly, they were among friends.

“Maeve is our fifth daughter born at SVMC,” says Jennifer. “But, in many ways, the experience was the same as it was for our first. The doctors and nurses are all so attentive and respectful, and during delivery, they were like our own personal cheering squad.”

But, as Brian explains, the caring doesn’t stop there.

"After we had our third daughter, there was one evening I came home, and Jennifer was just off," he recalls. "I called SVMC OB/GYN’s Dr. Themarge Small. She said she was wrapping up for the day but would stop by on her way home. Not only did she stop by, she showed up with everything we needed for dinner. She got it ready, herded the girls and me to the table, and took Jennifer upstairs for an exam."

"That ‘going above and beyond’ approach to care is indicative of the type of care we receive from everyone at SVMC."

"She let me know that I was okay. She let me know what I needed to do,” Jennifer said. “When you leave the hospital, you’re not alone. The physicians and the nurses are there for you all the time, and that is very reassuring."