SVMC Doctor Publishes History NARH

August 27, 2015

BENNINGTON, VT—August 17, 2015—Paul Donovan, DO, emergency medicine and sports medicine physician at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (SVMC) since 2011, has written the first volume of a history of North Adams Regional Hospital (NARH), which closed in 2014. Donovan had worked at NARH for 22 years.

The first volume of North Adams Regional Hospital: A Historical Perspective covers the hospital’s inception after a deadly train accident in 1882 to a major hospital reorganization in 1910. Second and third volumes will cover 1910 – 1955, when the new hospital building was constructed, and 1955 – 2014, respectively.

“I felt bad about the hospital closing. It was the center of life for employees, the town and the community. I wanted to acknowledge the place that the hospital had been,” Donovan said.

Donovan collaborated with a local historian Paul Marino, the North Adams Historical Society, and a friend in publishing—Paul Hopkins—for guidance. He spent a year of his free time scanning old newspapers and other resources at the North Adams Public Library.

“Gene and Justyna Carlson at the North Adams Historical Society were extremely helpful in my research. They provided the handwritten minutes of the hospitals early meetings, which are a great first-hand resource.” Donovan said.

“I hope that the book will be interesting to former North Adams Regional Hospital employees and to amateur historians,” Donovan said.

The book is available in soft cover ($31.49) and instant PDF ($4.99) at The author invites comments and questions at