The Women's Imaging Center at SVMC

Our center offers digital mammography, faster appointments, and on-site ultrasound in a beautiful space.

The Women's Imaging Center has made getting screened for breast cancer faster and more convenient than ever. The center has new digital mammography machines. A 2005 scientific study showed that digital mammography is better for many women. Digital mammograms are better than film mammograms for screening women under age 50 and women of any age who have dense breasts. For everyone else, the major benefit is speed. Digital machines are a little faster. So the exam takes less time. 

The same breast in film (left) vs. digital (right).
Click the image to zoom in and see the difference.

The center is part of SVMC's overall committment to providing women with the best in care for breast disease. Diagnostic imaging is a key part of our newly accredited Breast Care Program.

New Attractive Space
SVMC opened the Women's Imaging Center in the medical office building. The center is for mammograms and follow-up breast ultrasound.

So now, women don't have to share a waiting room and check-in desk with patients there for other reasons. In fact, the Women's Imaging Center runs so smoothly that women may not spend any time at all in the waiting room.

Follow-up Appointments
Some women have to come back after a screening test for a second series of mammograms and possibly an ultrasound. Some women start at the center with these diagnostic tests. For many such women, this can create anxiety. To reduce that anxiety, we:

  • schedule these additional tests as soon as possible, often the very next day
  • make sure you have your results the day of your exam, if not before you leave
  • help you understand your results and schedule any other care you may need

Breast Health Navigator
The Women's Imaging Center has a Breast Health Navigator who is a registered nurse. Her job is to help women understand the results of mammograms and other tests. Should the diagnosis be cancer, she can help women get the care they need and understand their options for treatment.

Lower Risk of Dying from Breast Cancer
Scientific evidence shows that women age 50 and older who had regular mammograms had a lower risk of dying from breast cancer than women who did not have mammograms. Women age 40 and up should get annual mammograms. Women with a mother or sister who've had breast cancer should talk with a doctor about regular screening.

If you are due for a mammogram, schedule one today. Call 447-5541 and press 2 at the prompt.