International Travel Vaccine Clinic

Traveling to another country requires lots of planning. From lodging to healthcare, you need to be ready. SVMC's International Travel Vaccine Service will help you make those plans.

We offer a complete line of vaccinations. If the U.S. government recommends that you receive a vaccination, we've got it.

We also can help you plan to have a healthy trip. Often, simple preparations and planning can help eliminate the chance of having your vacation ruined by illness.

Am I at risk?
Several factors affect your chance of contracting an illness or disease while traveling:  destination, length of stay, location within a country, type of accommodation, and purpose of travel. We consider all these factors in helping you to make your travel plans.

When should I visit the SVMC Travel Vaccine Clinic?
Plan to visit the SVMC Travel Vaccine Clinic as soon as you begin to make your travel plans. Certain vaccines require inoculations separated by as much as eight weeks, so please contact the clinic as far in advance of your departure as possible.

Make your upcoming trip a healthy one!
Call us at (802) 447-5317 to schedule an appointment.

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