Minimally Invasive Kidney Surgery at SVMC

Operating on a kidney is no small thing. But at SVMC, Dr. Andrew Cowder specializes in making a kidney operation as small as possible. He is one of a handful of surgeons in Vermont doing laparoscopic partial nephrectomy.



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The surgery is typically done to remove various kinds of kidney tumors.  Many surgeons still perform this operation "open" — through a large incision near the kidney. The minimally invasive procedure instead uses three or four keyhole-size incisions. Special instruments allow the surgeon to locate and remove the tumor.

Because the surgery uses much smaller incisions, patients typically recover faster. They also tend to experience less pain after surgery. Studies show that patients go home in about three days instead of five. And they recover in four weeks instead of six.

This procedure isn't for all patients who need kidney surgery. But, the minimally invasive procedure may offer the same outcome with less pain and a faster recovery. 

If you need kidney surgery and would like to find out if the minimally invasive approach would work for you, call  Dr. Andrew Cowder's office at (802) 447-6253.

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