SVMC Primary Care Practices

Southwestern Vermont Medical Center’s primary care physicians maintain family practices in Bennington, Manchester Center, and Willmington, Vt.

Primary Care Physicians, or PCPs, play a critical role in their patients’ ongoing health. Primary care physicians can be the first line of defense for undiagnosed illnesses or diseases. These ailments may result from an acute or chronic condition and may require further medical attention such as prescription medicine or a consultation with a specialist.

Of course, you don’t need to be feeling ill  to see a primary care physician. Preventive care is another reason to develop a relationship with a primary care physician. Routinely checking in with your PCP can greatly improve your chances of staying healthy. It can also help you avoid many medical conditions before they require additional medical care.

Three common types of primary care physicians are family practice physicians, pediatricians, and internistsFamily practice physicians provide primary care to all members of a family – grandparents, parents, and children of all ages. Sometimes family practice physicians are also referred to as general practitioners.

Pediatricians provide primary care to children, from infancy through adolescence.  Pediatricians differ from family physicians in that they specialize in the treatment of children. Pediatricians can often provide more expert care to younger patients.

Internists provide primary care to adults. They are specialists in adult internal medicine. As a result, they tend to treat more complex or chronic ailments and conditions. However, internists also treat normal healthy adults for common illnesses such as infections, colds and flu, and other diseases.

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