Dynamic Spine Stabilization

SVMC offers a high-tech treatment for spine problems that avoids fusing the spine. The Dynesys system adds stability to a damaged spine while remaining flexible.

People with lower back and leg pain often suffer from damaged discs in the spine. When a disc is damaged or deteriorates, the bones in the spine can pinch nerves and cause pain. When non-surgical treatments stop working, a surgeon can fuse some of the bones in the spine to eliminate the pain. But, when the bones are fused, they can no longer move. That limits the spine's flexibility.

The Dynesys system can eliminate pain from pinched nerves by stabilizing the spinal segments without fusing the bones in the spine. The system has metal anchors in each vertebra. A flexible cord and special spacers run between each metal anchor. The cord holds everything together. The spacers keep the vertebrae the right distance apart so they don't pinch nerves.

SVMC orthopedic surgeon Dr. Daniel Robbins is the only surgeon in Vermont offering this revolutionary treatment for back pain. He has performed this procedure for nearly four years.

Of course, surgery should be a last resort when more conservative therapies, such as rest, heat, ice, exercise, medications, and physical therapy, fail.

Who should consider the Dynesys system?
The Dynesys system is used for adults with degenerated spinal discs or for patients with other types of vertebral injury. It is not recommended for patients with osteoporosis, certain allergies, or other conditions.

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