Cardiology Services

When it comes to treating heart attacks, time means everything. That's why SVMC works to shorten the time to treatment. In the hospital and in the community.

Our Emergency Room is staffed with emergency-certified physicians. They all are specially trained for emergency medicine. When patients with heart attack symptoms come to us, we treat them fast. Our cardiologists are also board-certified, and have connections with nearby academic medical centers.

If patients need emergency angioplasty or other procedures, the cardiac experts at Albany Medical Center are a short helicopter flight away.

Quality is a Standard
Treating heart disease takes more than just high technology. Research shows that heart patients do much better if hospitals consistently apply a few standard treatments. On the surface, this seems simple. But only a few hospitals in the country do a better job of it than SVMC.

In fact, state and federal governments now publish quality data on how well hospitals do at treating heart attack and heart failure. SVMC consistently scores higher than the national and state average on the following measures:

  • giving heart attack patients aspirin when they arrive
  • giving Beta blocker medicine on arrival and on discharge
  • prescribing ACE inhibitors
  • providing smoking cessation counseling

From the Emergency Department to the Intensive Care Unit, we strive to bring the highest quality care available. And, when we can't provide the care you need, we can connect you with other hospitals that can.

To help save lives outside the hospital, SVMC has donated automatic external defibrillators to every police force in our service area. Early defibrillation is a lifesaver for heart attack patients, and police officers are often first on the scene.

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