Childbirth Classes at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center’s “The Birth Place”

The Birth Place provides regular classes to help expectant mother and mothers of newborns, parents and even grandparents. Our childbirth classes cover a wide range of topics including childbirth preparation, birthing options, and breastfeeding. We also offer courses on car seat safety and CPR. The following courses are offered regularly. View current classes here. Or to get a printed schedule, call (800) 286-8668 or (802) 447-5277.

Prenatal Interview and Birth Place Tour
Our Maternity staff will take you on a tour of the unit, talk with you about what to expect when you get to the hospital, and discuss how you and your baby will be cared for throughout your stay. To arrange your 1-hour visit, call (802) 447-5160.

Childbirth Education
Childbirth education offers expectant parents a way to experience the miracle of birth with dignity and confidence. The class teaches the physical and mental skills needed to cope with the discomforts of labor and delivery, as well as: anatomy and physiology of pregnancy, labor and delivery; physical and emotional changes during pregnancy and the postpartum period; use of medication and anesthesia; Cesarean births; the role of the support person; a tour of the Maternity Unit, and more. We recommend you register by your fourth month of pregnancy to start class during your seventh month.

Car Seat Safety
Four out of five car seats are not installed correctly. Our child passenger safety technicians will check yours by appointment at regularly scheduled car seat fitting stations. Call (802) 447-5160 to make an appointment.

Hospital to Home
This 2-session series covers everything from proper nutrition to keeping baby safe, healthy, and happy through the first year of life. Becoming a parent is much tougher than most of us expect; come to this program and learn the tricks of the trade. Grandparents-to-be and grandparents also find this class helpful, as safety concerns about caring for infants have changed.

Becoming a Big Sister or Brother
The prospect of a new baby in the house can bring on a variety of new emotions for the sibling-to-be. Designed for children ages 3-9, this fun-filled program gives siblings an opportunity to find out more about newborns, and to learn how they can be an important and safe participant in the baby's early life.

Preparation for Breastfeeding
A certified lactation consultant leads this session about the benefits mom and baby receive from breastfeeding. Includes hands-on practice and information about what to expect.

Breastfeeding Warmline
Our internationally board-certified lactation consultants are available to help answer your questions about breastfeeding techniques, positioning, common early problems, breast pumping, weaning, and returning to work. Because we know how busy breastfeeding moms are, we offer breastpump rentals and sales, nursing bras, and other breastfeeding products at Women's and Children's Services or by mail order. Give us a call at (802) 447-5160.

Infant/Childsaver Course
Learn accident prevention, cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and management of airway obstruction as these techniques pertain to infants and children. Nutrition, exercise, and health maintenance will also be covered so that parents can get a head start on raising heart healthy children. Taught by Maternal/Child Health registered nurses.

Sharing to Heal
A parent support group for those who have had a pregnancy or newborn loss.

Wellness Connection Programs
Southwestern Vermont Health Care's Wellness Connection offers a variety of classes on a range of topics to help you and your family live well and healthfully. Click here for a current schedule.