Lactation Services and Supplies

Moms want to do what's best for their babies. That's why at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center, we offer everything a new breast-feeding mother will need to get her baby off to a healthy start by breastfeeding. Even if the Mom did not give birth at SVMC.

We offer a full range of prenatal and parenting classes. Contact us at Women's and Children's Services (802) 447-5160 for a complete list and schedule.

If you've got breastfeeding questions, an answer is only a phone call away. Our nurses in Women's and Children's Services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Breastfeeding specialists are available daily to talk you through many problems. Or you can schedule a quick visit at your convenience. The Breastfeeding Support Line is (802) 447-5160.

Services and Supplies
If you're on the go like most new parents, tracking down the right supplies for breastfeeding can be a hassle. SVMC offers a complete line of breastfeeding products from Medela, a worldwide leader in breastfeeding products since 1961. Whether you need to buy or rent a breast pump or are looking for pumping supplies or maternity undergarments and nursing bras, we have a wide range of products in stock. We also offer expert advice to make breastfeeding the easiest choice you can make. Call (802) 447-5160 to request a brochure and order form.

Breastpump Sales & Rentals
SVMC sells two models of Medela's Pump In Style® Advanced series breastpumps. These electric models reduce pumping time. They were originally developed for hospital breastpumps and feel more like your baby than other pumps.

Women's and Children's rents the Medela Lactina® model, the leading electric pumps used by hospitals.

SVMC's rental fee is $45 for the first month and $30 per month from month 2. There is a refundable deposit of $10.

Nursing Bras & Accessories
SVMC sells Medela nursing bras that offer light support and a special drop cup that encourages maximum skin-to-skin contact with your baby. The soft fabric also accommodates changing breast size. Call the Breastfeeding Support Line for sizing information.

Disposable bra pads are individually wrapped for convenient protection against leakage. Reusable 100% cotton washable bra pads have a contoured shape for exceptional fit. In addition, Medela's Maternity Support may help ease some pregnancy discomforts.

Perfect Gifts
Breastfeeding products — or a gift certificate — make great gifts for a baby shower or for Mom and baby.