Going Home from SVMC

At SVMC, our goal is to get you home as soon as you're ready. We've been planning for this since the day you arrived.

Your doctor and your health care team have been working together to plan for any follow-up care that you may need when you get home. This could include outpatient therapy, home health care, or a stay in a rehabilitation facility. Our health resource managers help make sure your discharge goes smoothly.

Discharge Day
You and your doctor decide when you are ready to go home. We will make every effort to get you ready to go early in the day. If you need someone to drive you home, please contact them ahead of time. If you need help getting home, let your nurse know.

Discharge Instructions
Before you leave, we will give you a special packet of information to help make your return home go smoothly. This packet includes special instructions for post-hospital care and follow-up appointments. It also includes information about what medicines to take and any changes to the medicines you were taking before your hospital stay. If you don't understand the instructions, make sure to ask your nurse about them.

The most important things you can do when you return home are:

  1. fill your prescriptions
  2. see your primary care doctor as soon as possible