SVMC Lab to Move to New Location Dec. 8

1 December 2008
For Immediate Release
Media Contact: Eileen Druckenmiller
On Dec. 8, The Outpatient Lab at Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (SVMC) will move to a new location in the same building. The new space will make it easier for patients to find the lab and get in and out quickly. The new space also should be faster for patients because it will have more blood drawing stations. The lab will open in Suite 110 in the Medical Office Building on Dec. 8.
"The new location is right next to the main east entrance of the building," explained lab director Linda Schwab-Lanoue. "There is handicapped parking nearby, and the entrance is flat, so patients won't need to climb stairs or go up a ramp."
The move is part of an overall effort to improve the patient experience at SVMC's lab. The new space will have a more comfortable waiting area with new furniture. It also will have a special waiting area for patients whose tests require a one- to three-hour wait. In the past several months, lab staff have taken a hard look at how their work processes function. They've been streamlining work to take out unnecessary steps and make things faster and more convenient for patients.
The results have been amazing. Patients will no longer have to wait in multiple lines to check-in, register, and then have their blood drawn. Instead, each patient gets focused care. Instead of sitting for long stretches in a waiting room, each patient will go to a private phlebotomy room. Staff will come to the patient to register them and then draw blood. The lab also worked with the Information Systems and Billing departments, to trim registration time. Now, staff can register patients in about three minutes.
Look for special signs pointing the way to the new laboratory space.

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