What You Need to Know about Tick-Borne Illness

July2017ENewsTick300X300According to the Vermont Department of Health, tick-borne illnesses are on the rise in Vermont. In an effort to address the many tick-related questions clinicians from Southwestern Vermont Medical Center’s (SVMC) and a Vermont Department of health epidemiologist have partnered to offer a special presentation: What You Need to Know about Tick-Borne Illness: Answers to Frequently Asked Questions. The talk is scheduled for 5:30 – 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, October 10 at Historic Memorial Hall in Wilmington, VT.

Attendees will get expert answers to the most common tick-related questions, including:

• How do I prevent tick bites?

• What should I do if I find a tick on me or a member of my family?

• What are the tick-borne illnesses and how do I recognize them?

• What are the treatments available?

• What if I still don’t feel good after treatment?

Speakers include Trey Dobson, MD, chief medical officer at SVMC and medical director of Dartmouth-Hitchcock Putnam Physicians; Marie George, MD; infectious disease specialist at SVMC Infectious Disease, now part of SVMC Multispecialty Practice; and Bradley Tompkins, an infectious disease epidemiologist at Vermont Department of Health.


Ashley Brenon Jowett