SVMC: Vermont's First Magnet Hospital

The American Nurses Credentialing Center's (ANCC) Magnet Recognition Program® recognizes healthcare organizations that demonstrate nursing excellence, quality patient care, and innovations in professional nursing practice; it is considered the gold standard for nursing excellence. As a three-time grantee, Southwestern Vermont Medical Center (SVMC) retains its place among the best of the best as part of the Magnet® community. Only a select group of 378 healthcare organizations, out of nearly 6,000 in the United States, are Magnet recognized.



What is Magnet? 
In evaluating whether a healthcare organization should achieve ANCC Magnet Recognition®, ANCC considers the following five components that are considered global issues in nursing and healthcare:
1. Visionary leadership transforming the organization to meet changing needs
2. Empowered staff properly prepared to face all challenges
3. Competent, dedicated, and empowered nurses
4. Continued innovation within staff knowledge, clinical practice, and systemic improvements
5. Outcomes measurement systems in place throughout the entire organization

When did SVMC receive its first Magnet?

SVMC became Vermont's First Magnet Hospital in 2002 when the American Nurses' Credentialing Center (ANCC) recognized SVMC for nursing excellence. The ANCC offers Magnet designation every four years, and SVMC was redesignated in 2006 and in 2010. SVMC was only the third hospital in New England to earn Magnet designation for a third time. 


How is Magnet recognition evaluated?
To achieve Magnet recognition, organizations must pass a rigorous and lengthy process that demands widespread participation from leadership and staff. The process begins with the submission of an electronic application, followed by written documentation demonstrating qualitative and quantitative evidence regarding patient care and outcomes.

If scores from the written documentation fall within a range of excellence, an on-site visit will occur to thoroughly assess the applicant. After this rigorous onsite review process, the Commission on Magnet will review the completed appraisal report and vote to determine whether Magnet recognition will be granted.

An organization seeking to reapply for Magnet recognition must provide documented evidence of how Magnet concepts were sustained over the four-year period since the hospital’s most recent Magnet recognition. As organizations that have mastered these areas, Magnet-recognized healthcare organizations serve as the fount of knowledge and expertise for the delivery of nursing care globally.  

Why choose a Magnet hospital?
Across the board, Magnet organizations demonstrate higher patient satisfaction with nurse communication, availability of help, and receipt of discharge information, as well as lower risk of 30-day mortality, lower failure to rescue, and lower rates of falls.

Magnet recognition has become the gold standard for nursing excellence and is taken into consideration when the public judges healthcare organizations. In fact, U.S. News & World Report’s annual showcase of “America’s Best Hospitals” includes Magnet recognition in its ranking criteria for quality of inpatient care.

What’s working for a Magnet hospital like? 

The principles that Magnet recognizes—leadership, empowerment, competence, innovation and the measurement of outcomes—make Magnet hospitals deeply rewarding places for nurses to work. Under this model, each nurse in the hospital has the power to research and propose transformational changes to improve patient care. For more information about working at SVMC, visit the Careers page.